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Burner with Fairy Lights

Burner Lighting Ideas

Light up the Playa with these easy DIY tips!

The Black Rock Desert, host to the annual Burner festival, comes to life each night of the event with vibrant lights, fire, music, art and performances. The festival is dedicated to self-expression and self-reliance. While there are countless ways to express yourself and to provide for yourself on the Playa, I’m going to show you a few ways that lights can help you be an active participant in this bustling desert metropolis.

Easy DIY Light Posts

Light up your camp with these easy, inexpensive DIY light posts from The hardest part will be deciding what lights to string over your area… simple white string lights, whimsical novelty lights, colorful chasing lights, Starlight Spheres….the possibilities are endless.

light posts

Light Up Your Transportation

For fun and safety add lights to your mode of transportation to your Burner transportation. Bikes are an obvious favorite, but you may decide to register a Mutant Vehicle with the event and light that baby up! Battery Powered lights are an easy option for going simple. Rope lights and flex strip lighting is a better option if you have a large area to cover and want to make a big impact. Using rope light mounting clips you can attach rope lights to most surfaces.

Bike with Lights

Lighted Volleyball Net

Just because the sun goes down on the Playa, doesn’t mean your favorite daytime activities need to stop. Just add lights. This volleyball net DIY from will have you playing well into the night.

volleyball net

Sculptures and Art Installations

Lights allow bold sculptures erected on the Playa to carry on their visual beauty on into the night. Rope lighting and flex strip can illuminate any structure using mounting clips.

Lit Sculpture

Illuminated Attire

Battery powered LED micro lights can be easily sewn into any outfit or costume and are lightweight and do not heat up. Add battery operated lights to flower crowns, hats, accessories, shoes, tutus, or even wigs and hair.

Burner Lighting

Light up the Playa with these easy DIY tips!

Want to keep camp lighting super simple? Mason jars and battery powered tea lights make perfect, inexpensive lanterns to hang (with wire) or scatter around camp without worry of accidental fire.

Mason Jar Lights

Let Your Creativity Shine!

Whether you opt for easy, battery powered lights or go all-out with rope lights,
Northern Lights and Trees has what you need to illuminate the Playa.

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