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Illuminated Autumn Topiary

Seven Decorative Thanksgiving Lighting Ideas

Decorate with warm lights this fall.

You can create a warm, festive glow in your home this Thanksgiving with illuminated fall centerpieces, topiaries, and decorations. These DIY projects are easy and inexpensive, and sure to add a little elegance to your fall decor.

fall centerpiece
Fall Centerpiece

Want an elegant, worry-free centerpiece to wow your guests? Use battery powered candles in the place of wax candles for this DIY arrangement from These simple Thanksgiving lighting ideas can be setup in minutes!

Autumn Fairy Leaves
Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

These DIY leaf string lights from would be perfect in a window, or on a mantel or stairway. Kids will love helping out with this easy project using LED string lights, wax paper, glue and leaves, of course.

log centerpiece
Tea Light Holder

Create a delightfully rustic photo display using a pallet, white mini lights, and photos of the bride and groom. Make sure to add a few childhood pictures for a touch of nostalgia. I love the simple look of this one from

hurricane vase
Illuminated Hurricane Vase

This illuminated hurricane from can be used as a centerpiece, on the mantel, or entryway table. With just a garland, string lights, a vase, and 30 minutes you’ll create a little warmth this fall. Orange angel hair rattan lights would add an extra special touch to this project.

Autumn Illuminated Topiary
Fall Leaves Lit Topiary

This stunning topiary from is a warm welcome to guests on a front porch or in an entryway. Made with string lights, a tomato cage, and faux leaves.

Illuminated Basket
Fall Porch Arrangement

This project from is one of my favorites from is so easy to make and will make a beautiful statement on a hearth, front porch or entryway. Simply fill a wooden basket with gourds, pumpkins, faux leaves, and string lights. Scaled-down versions of this DIY (using battery powered string lights) would make an adorable centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Bubble Lights
Turkey Bubble Lights

If all the cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner has left you with no time for DIY’s, you could simply hang some cute turkey-shaped bubble lights or harvest vine string lights from around the house for a warm, whimsical look.

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