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Wedding Lights

Part 1: Reception and Outdoor Lighting

Part 1: Reception and Outdoor Lighting

Wedding lighting can be simple and polished or bold and bright. Lights offer an inexpensive way to add romance and an array of different looks to your wedding reception. Whether it’s a small, intimate dinner or an elegant gala, lights can be used in a variety of ways to help you brighten your celebration. Here are a few ideas and DIY’s to give you a little inspiration and an idea of the many directions you can go with wedding lighting. Keep an eye out for Part 2, where I will provide a collection of DIY illuminated centerpieces, lanterns, garlands, and more.

DIY light stands
DIY Light Stands

If your space doesn’t have anything to hang lights from or doesn’t allow it, you can make your own light stands with just a few supplies. This project from allows you to hang lights just about anywhere, in any height you need. Paint, fabrics, trim, and other materials can be used to customize your light stands to coordinate with your wedding decor.

Lighted Backdrop
Lighted Backdrop

I adore this flower garland from It would be perfect to decorate a cake table, bar area or gift table for a wedding reception or to use as decor for a bridal shower. This project is easy and inexpensive using string lights and faux flowers.

Edison lights
Overhead Lights
Overhead String Lights

Create romantic mood lighting with string lights hung over your dining space or dance floor.  A crisscross pattern using globe lights looks stunning and allows you to light a large area with little effort. A single strand of Edison bulbs over the bride and groom’s dinner table offers simple elegance. Or go for all-out drama and try a cascading wall of string light strands to suspend over dining, dancing, or even over the cake table.

Paper Lanterns
Light Hoops
Starlight Spheres
Spheres and Hoops

I love the magical look of illuminated spheres and hoops suspended above a space. Options include classic paper lanterns and pre-lit Starlight Spheres. Or you could go the DIY route and spray paint hula hoops (any light-weight hoop would work) or wire orbs and cover with string lights and hang with a loop of wire.

Tree Lights
Trunk Lights
Lights on Everything

Make an impact and light up the evening well into the night by covering as many surfaces as possible with string lights, net lights, tree trunk lights, icicle lights, and fairy lights. This cuts back on the need for tons of other decor….just add some simple flower arrangements and you’re set to celebrate.

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