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We at Northern Lights and Trees are an online business specializing in novelty lights, trees and decor.  We pride ourselves on our selection of quality products that will inspire you to make the best of any holiday, event, or special occasion.

We have many options available to help you choose that perfect ambiance for your specific needs.  Select from our uniquely beautiful lighting sets and combinations to allow for an unforgettable experience that really shines!  You will quickly notice the difference when you shop with Northern Lights and Trees.  Our products exceed what you will find at any of the ‘big box’ stores and our low pricing will have you coming back for more.

Having trouble finding that perfect product for your occasion?  Give our exceptional customer service team the opportunity to assist you.  Feel free to contact us using our online form submission or just give us a call.  Together we can light up your days and nights all year long!

Classic Christmas Lights

Northern Lights and Trees is equipped to give your Christmas celebration the attention it deserves by offering indoor and outdoor lighting sets your neighbors will be envious of. Our heavy duty string lights are prepared to handle the toughest weather conditions and come in a variety of colors and designs. Choose from your classic bulbs or go adventurous with unique light shapes and color combinations.

Why should the outside get all the attention? Our Christmas lights can brighten your home for the holidays. Decorative lights presenting all your favorite December colors are another specialty of Northern Lights and Trees.

Customize Your Atmosphere With Party Lights

Northern Lights and Trees does not stop lighting up the celebration when December ends, we are here for you year-round. Our light combination sets can help bring a romantic ambiance to your outdoor wedding. We are also equipped to bring festive color combinations to a child’s birthday party without breaking the bank.

From solid color lights to multi-color novelty sets, we have everything you need to take your party lighting to the next level!

Home Decor Lighting

Whether you’re looking to finish a corner art project inside your home or shed a little more light in your vaulted ceiling, Northern Lights and Trees supplies home decor lights to bring out the best in your home.

Our home decor products feature warm, stylish light sets designed to be a subtle yet inviting presence in your home. Set them around your fireplace year-round to show off those pictures from your honeymoon, or use them to decorate your hallway with a lighted glow you can’t find anywhere else.

More From Northern Lights and Trees

Although a majority of our products our Christmas related, we carry other seasonal items such as Halloween lights and products for large parties and lighting displays. We have lighting to match your every need, every event and every holiday.

Trust the team at Northern Lights and Trees to create a lighting experience you will never forget! Contact Us today to get started!

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